Welcome to our English pages

We started Globalrunners in 2012 mainly to offer swedish speaking travellers our tours for XC skiers, runners, cyclists and trekkers. Thanks too Google translate also non-swedish speaking adventures found our pages and we have welcomed guests from all over Europe and from the U.S.
In this english section you find some of our tours and we hope you find our offers tempting and interesting. We do hope to see you in one of our tours!

Combining the joy of physical activity with discovering new and interesting places is the philosophy of Globalrunner. You can experience exciting travel destinations in a small group of like-minded people and meet people from all over the world who share your interests.

Every year we develop new trips for you who enjoy running, cross-country skiing, biking and hiking. Some of the guests are elite, some are ultra-runners, most are happy athletes, some have never raced, trained on bikes or hiked before, and others give up running or cycling completely. We make sure everyone gets the most out of the entire trip. We'll definitely have fun together!

When you are looking forward to an exciting journey, training will be easier and you will feel more motivated. If you can run 3 miles today, with a few simple tips you can do a half marathon in six months. Many people think that most ski races are less demanding than the 90K Vasaloppet. 

Our tour takes you to silence, tranquility in majestic nature north of the Arctic Circle. Maybe in the company of reindeer and the northern lights?

Join our tour to Italy and experience the most beautiful tracks in the lovely Dolomites!
At the end of January, Italy's equivalent to Vasaloppet is held every year. Globalrunners is proud to be official tour operator since many years back. This is our most popular tour with guests from many different countries.

Enjoy three regions around Sweden's largest lake by bike. Culture and history, exclusive accommodation, fresh air, active vacations and great food. 

A small step for humanity, but a big step for our company and perhaps for you?

Globalrunners was the first to offer all trains instead of flights on our trips in 2016. A few years later, we canceled the trips to which there were no sustainable transports, such as Cuba, Iceland, Nepal, Mongolia, Istanbul, India, and more. We placed the responsibility on the customer to choose, to fly or go by train. We saw a trend where more and more people chose the train. 

Emissions of greenhouse gases affect the climate with worsening floods, famine and extreme weather as a result. In 2021 we decided, as the first tour operator in Scandinavia in our segments, that we will no longer offer flights to any guest on any trip. We offer wonderful train journeys (and bus if the train does not go all the way forward as to Moena on the Marcialonga trip).

After taking a clear stand and responsibility for everyone's future, customers have booked our tours because they also want to travel in a more sustainable way. Everyone must act now. We want to be proud of our company and offer what is right based on knowledge. 

Voila, we hope you now are inspired to check out our english pages, we hope to see you soon!

Anders & Ellika