Welcome to our webbsite! The founders behind Globalrunners are Anders and Ellika Livchitz. Through our company, Globalrunners, we are living our dream. Since decades, we have been working as employees with tour production, events and athletics. Since 2012, we do it exactly the way we think is best, in our own company. We put all focus on giving our guests the tools to achieve maximum of each tour. Our goal is that each and every one feels that they get unforgetable memories from our tours where we have chosen the very best options for them. We want to put a golden flavor to their lives. Furthermore, we hope that they find the atmosphere within the group inviting and stimulating. 

Globalrunners first tour 
On our very first tour we went to Marrakech in Marocco. The participants made their debut in an African halfmarathon. The group enjoyed the whole trip thoroughly, the Berber culture, a nice, flat and fast track, the Atlas mountains, the Atlantic ocean and a wonderful sun when it was at its darkest at home. We all returned very happy to Sweden, full of impressions from a different culture.

The people who live in the countries we visit shall also benefit as much as possible from our tours - socially, financially and ecologically. We use hotels, restaurants and activities that belong to the local people and we inform our guests very carefully how they shall adapt to foreign cultures. When it is possible, we try to offer train as an alternative to plane on tours within Europe and we always avoid domestic flights to diminish our climate effects. 

Unforgetable tours for runners, crosscountryskiers, bikers and trekkers
We want our guests to enjoy difficult-to-beat, memorable and fantastic experiences. They also get a goal to strive for and keep up their physical training for plus a better knowledge about the country they visit. We hope that our tours will be the best they make! 

Small groups with a hobby in common

We only allow a limited number on each tour. Our guests share a common interest which is creating a nice dynamic. With a great passion for our destinations, we try to create interesting and fun tours with many varied ingredients.

We do visit famous sights, but the main focus is put off the beaten tourist track. We believe that you get your strongest and most valued impressions by meeting local people in the country you visist. It shall be a good balance between free time and activities.  

Information meeting before the tour

Prior tours to countries that violate human rights severely, we arrange an information meeting a few weeks before departure. We start with a jogg in a natural reserve outside our office. After shower and sauna, we serve ethnic lunch from the country we will visit. Theoretic and practial information follows when we go through the itinerary, possibilities, personal requests, conditions, equipment, etc. An expert is invited and he or she gives a lecture and explains the situation for the people who live in the country, which many other tourists unfortunately are completely unaware of. This makes our participants well prepared for the different culture and society they will experience and it also gives them a better understandning for the strange things they will encounter.

Who are Globalrunners guests?

A wonderful mixture of people, usually from the Nordic countries, who enjoy being phycisally active. Many of them are travelling on their own and several come back as recurrent guests. Not all of them participate in the races. Some are couples, others go alone when their partner or friend does not want to come along or do not have the possibility to do so and the guest doesn't want to travel completely on his or her own. We have also had children on our tours and they are most welcome to joint! We have travelled alot with our own children and we know how fun, rewarding and also important it is for children to get a perspecitve on their lives at home. 

What is special with Globalrunners?

Why our guests prefer to go with Globalrunners is a little bit difficult to pinpoint. We believe it has to do with consideration. Our groups are relatively small and we care about each and everyone in the group. People are different with various needs and requests and we try to understand what everyone likes the most. Also, everyone gets to know each other in the group quite well since the groups are small. 


Phone: +46733612255
E-mail: info@globalrunners.se
Address: Skogsvägen 24, SE-135 49 Tyresö, Sweden

According the Swedish law and for our guests safety, Globalrunners are granting a "Travel guarantee" decided by Kammarkollegiet (The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Authority) in Sweden. Anyone can check their touroperator at the Authority's webbsite Kammarkollegiet's website.


We create inspiring and interesting tours for all our guests who enjoy being physically active. With an interest and hobby in common, a fruitful dynamic is established and a very good atmosphere within the group. At the same time, the participants get to learn more about a foreign culture. They get strong impressions from different parts of the world and a sound persective on their own lives in Sweden. Very important to us is also to benefit and respect our hosts in the country we visit. 

Sabah el-kheir

... means hello in Arabic. On our tours our guests are encouraged to learn some phrases in the local language. It opens up doors!